Xuan Thu Swimsuit was established on day 19 month 5 year 1975 with a long history and many years of experience in the business sell swimwear products. the product of Xuan Thu company has been the preferred choice of consumers. With invest capital over one million USD with a distribution system of more than 20 retail stores in the major cities. Xuan Thu Co.,LTD  is considered the leading enterprises in swimsuit in Vietnam and each development into Southeast Asia.

 Our company have two brand swimsuit. It is a symbolize swimsuit. Xuan Thu Swimwear brand for the middle market segment and brand Aquamarine segment for luxury bathrobe.  Although It is in the market in 2006, but senior brand swimsuit Aquamarine quickly received positive feedback from consumers. With perfect design, quality, reputation, brand swimsuit Aquamarine is the preferred choice of many stars, famous artists. Besides, with the brand and quality has been confirmed, Aquamarine swimsuit brand is also indispensable in the beauty contest in Vietnam. Aquamarine Swimsuit is a companion, the formal dress swimsuit contest of the majority of the major beauty pageants, and most recently, Miss Vietnam 2014.

After reviewing the master plan as well as the potential and ability to develop . we think VIVO City as a center for entertainment, shopping mall , entertainment in HCMC in the near future . With a design the most shopping centers in Singapore and diversity in providing unique services,. Bebesides the presence of many leading brands of Vietnam and internationally, we stay high expectations for collaboration as the location for this new business.